Meet The Team

We are a passionate collective of avid travelers and proud queers  from various organizations. We want to share the diverse LGBTQ+ nightlife with everyone and increase the visibility of POC & marginalized groups in our community and in the travel industry. Together we have showcased the best of queer nightlife to thousands of travelers from around the world. 


Angéline Payne

(She / her)

Business Strategist

Angéline is the Business Strategist at ‘Moonlight Experiences’. She dedicated years of her life to championing social inclusion and community cohesion. She is a qualified mediator and experienced trainer who worked on LGBT youths projects, interfaith relations and intergenerational work to bring people from all walks of life together. She also has spent many years developing business strategies either as a Member of the Board of charities or in business. Angéline has a love of travel and the London Underground Music and Queer scene.

Aisha is the founder of 'Moonlight Experiences', she is a proud queer activist who champions integration, diversity & equality. Aisha believes in using the economical power of LGBTQ+ tourism and nightlife to help amplify marginalized voices and transform communities. She is also a prominent event producer who works for organizations such as UK Black Pride & London Queer Fashion Show. Aisha has been featured in the Mayor Of London's hidden credit' for her contribution to nightlife. Other achievements are also noted in a visit Britain campaign, which promoted and encouraged local tourism in the UK.

(She / her)


They / them)


(They / them)

Host / Activist / Creative

Zee has that all round fabulous energy to fill nights out with endless conversations and dancing. They are also part of 'Hungama' an East London Bollywood & Hip Hop night. Zee aims to decolonize through radical self-love 


Stella Marbles

(She / they)

Activist /Host

Stella is London's masked club drag queen, She's also a performance artist and friendly Londoner. Stella is an experienced tour guide, who loves meeting new people, travelling and sharing her passion for London nightlife. You will quickly bond with her and find out that you are with one of the most interesting locals around.


Adae Boluwatife

(They / them)

Activist /Host

Adae is a talented performance artist and one of London's rising drag king stars known as 'Wesley Dykes'. Wesley Dykes is your 'friendly neighborhood fxck boi' and each of their performance will leave you mesmerized and filled with good vibes. Adae is also an activist and a recognized member of London's LGBTQ+ community with years of experience running events and creating a safe platform for locals.  


Emma Lesser

(She / her)

Activist /Host

Emma is a trans activist who is originally from France. She is very energetic and will leave you laughing throughout the night. Emma is passionate about queer art culture and museums You might even end up seeing her in multiple cities for Moonlight Experiences. If you need an exclusive night out in French, Emma will be more than happy to do so.


Arthur Gomazkov

(He / him)

Host / Activist / Creative

Arthur is a Londoner who’s passionate about cocktails. He loves exploring cocktail bars in  London as well as abroad. Arthur also works in one of the most secret bars in the world. So if there’s ever a need for a drink recommendation anywhere - He is the person to talk to. He is one of the most easy-going person you will ever meet. Arthur absolutely adores conversations. If you think there’s a topic he wouldn’t be interested in - think again.

Ade Adio Adeogun

(she / they)

Activist /Host

Ade is a proud Nigerian, who is easygoing and a lover of film, music, art, and food. Expect the night to be filled with their infectious smile, laughter, dance, and all things creative. Ade is such a fascinating and inspiring member of time who enjoys sharing life experiences. 


Elsa Da Silva

(She / her)

Activist /Host

Elsa is a charismatic activist who is a singer & songwriter. Originally from Cape Verde, Elsa has settled her roots in London after years of travelling around the world. She believes that nothing can open your eyes and change your life like a good night out. London is full of incredible places and beautiful people and she can't wait to introduce all of them to you. 


Qiuyan Chem

(She/ her)

Activist /Host

Qiuyan Chen is a Chinese LGBT+ rights activist, she has pursued three lawsuits against the Chinese Ministry of Education over homophobic university textbooks since 2015. After her graduation from LSE Gender Studies Department, she founded “Queer China UK” and joined Moonlight Experiences aiming to improve the visibility of UK-based Chinese queer community by LGBTQ+ tour services in Mandarin and Cantonese, workshops, social gathering events.

秋白,中国同志平权运动家,因教材恐同而三诉教育部当事人。2019年毕业于伦敦政治经济学院性别研究系,并创立Queer China UK,希望通过酷儿导览、培训和社交聚会等活动提高在英华人酷儿社群的可见度。


Sam Barreto

(He/ him)

Activist /Host

Sam is a digital and social media marketing specialist with more than 5 years of experience in travel, hospitality, and tourism. Originally from Mexico/Colombia, raised in the U.S. and living in Spain. Sam is also an active member of the LGBTIQ+ community in Barcelona where he has volunteered for several NGOs helping spread awareness about HIV and  LGBT refugees and asylum seekers. He loves sharing his city with others. Sam can't wait to  introduce to you to Barcelona's thriving nightlife